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Hammer and Chisel

Just clicked the submit button for my order of the new Hammer and Chisel program that launched today.  Two of my favorite trainers, Autumn Calabrese and Sagi Kalev came together to create a killer program. I have tried 2 of … Continue reading

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Who has time to workout? YOU DO!

Any fans of Shaun T out there?  Anyone looking for a short workout that delivers amazing results? If so, then this post is for you!  I was given the privilege to workout with the amazing trainer Shaun T this past … Continue reading

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You ARE what YOU EAT!

So often, I hear from people who have worked out for years off and on who consistently have the same results.  They have tried different workout programs or different classes at the gym and never see the scale go down. … Continue reading

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6 Months Post Body!

WOW! They aren’t kidding when they say baby weight is hard to lose.  I will be honest, I always thought those women were full of crap but now having experienced it-I GET IT!  It has taken hard work, clean eating, … Continue reading

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Beachbody Packs are now available on my team beachbody site.  There are great discounts offered through these packs along with great support groups and accountability partners.  It’s a great way to jump back into your fitness regime or start one.  … Continue reading

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I am starting a challenge on November 1st.  Yes, I am having a baby next month and what better time to start a challenge to help you and help encourage myself to get back in shape!  I listed details below…. … Continue reading

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Staying Motivated While Pregnant

I am 6 1/2 months along in my pregnancy but that has not stopped me from staying active.  I have gained about 18lbs thus far.  I’m trying to stay around the 25-35 healthy weight gain mark per my doctors request. … Continue reading

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