50lb weight loss

50lb weight loss

Without a mess, I wouldn’t have this career. Without the mess my life was, I wouldn’t have had 50 lbs to lose AND CHANGE MY LIFE AROUND. 


  • Without being a former pack-a-day smoker, my cardio and fitness level wouldn’t be as impressive.

  • Without being a party girl, I wouldn’t be as honored and grateful when someone calls me a health freak or workout junkie.

  • Without being clinically depressed with anxiety and on anti-depressants for half a decade, I wouldn’t have the smile on my face when someone calls me “too positive + happy”.

  • Without my record of toxic love relationships and bad decisions, I wouldn’t appreciate the amazing marriage that I’ve been blessed with and the love that I share with my unbelievable husband and 2 boys.

  • Without toxic friends, I wouldn’t have met some of the most beautiful and inspirational people
  • Without having insecurities, I never would have branched out and went out of my comfort zone.


One Response to MY STORY

  1. Shelbi Warner says:

    That touches me Misty… That is a wonderful way to look at your life!

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