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Who has time to workout? YOU DO!

Any fans of Shaun T out there?  Anyone looking for a short workout that delivers amazing results? If so, then this post is for you!  I was given the privilege to workout with the amazing trainer Shaun T this past … Continue reading

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Les Mills Pump – New Beachbody Program!

I’m so happy that Beachbody is bringing on this program by Les Mills.  It’s called Bodypump and you can easily burn up to 1000 calories in one class.  This is not a NEW program, it’s been around for some time … Continue reading

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My body, my results

I took before and after photos to show my results from doing the Chalean Extreme program a while back.  I ate healthy and clean, drank plenty of water, took my multi vitamins and stuck with the program.  I was really … Continue reading

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Staying Motivated While Pregnant

I am 6 1/2 months along in my pregnancy but that has not stopped me from staying active.  I have gained about 18lbs thus far.  I’m trying to stay around the 25-35 healthy weight gain mark per my doctors request. … Continue reading

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10 exercise myths that won’t go away

We’re all looking to maximize results while minimizing time and effort in the gym. That search for shortcuts has translated into a lot of myths about exercise. What’s true and what’s not? I found this article off CNN this morning … Continue reading

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CNBC Article about Beachbody Business Opportunity

 CNBC reported on Beachbody’s successful new business model that incentivize their customers, called Coaches, to get better results and turn their results into profit. Full article reprinted below. Beachbody Grows Exponentially Thanks To Network Marketing By: Darren Rovell, CNBC Sports Business … Continue reading

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Should you workout while you are pregnant?

Does it make sense to stop or to start an exercise program during pregnancy? Here are 7 great benefits to pregnancy exercise- 1. Boosts energy As I’m learning, pregnancy can sap your energy, but regular exercise can help you get … Continue reading

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