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Food Staples in our Kitchen

I wanted to share a few food staples in our kitchen.  I am always interested in trying new things and expanding our healthy eating habits.  There are some of you out there who think eating healthy is flavorless or too … Continue reading

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The more sugar you eat, the more you will crave it!

Once I started my workout routine back in January I made a decision not to eat any sugar.  Why?  Because if I allowed myself to have it once then I knew I would crave it again and fall off track.  … Continue reading

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Beachbody Packs are now available on my team beachbody site.  There are great discounts offered through these packs along with great support groups and accountability partners.  It’s a great way to jump back into your fitness regime or start one.  … Continue reading

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I am starting a challenge on November 1st.  Yes, I am having a baby next month and what better time to start a challenge to help you and help encourage myself to get back in shape!  I listed details below…. … Continue reading

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Beachbody Coach FAQ

What is the Coach Business Opportunity? It’s a breakthrough income opportunity that lets you turn weight loss into profit. In order to make money, all you have to do is let people know about getting fit and losing weight with … Continue reading

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Les Mills Pump – New Beachbody Program!

I’m so happy that Beachbody is bringing on this program by Les Mills.  It’s called Bodypump and you can easily burn up to 1000 calories in one class.  This is not a NEW program, it’s been around for some time … Continue reading

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Dieters happier on low-fat, not low-carb, plans

Dieting for some people is like playing with a yo-yo.  One month they are cutting out carbs completely to lose a couple of pounds to get back on their workout routine then the next month they are back to eating … Continue reading

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