Working out with my crew

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you will notice that I always workout with my kids around.  Most people think I’m crazy but I actually enjoy it.  I always feel like I get a BETTER workout with them around.  Maybe its the energy they bring-my 1 one year old running in the room when he hears the music start on my workout DVD. My 3 1/2 year old immediately running over to pretend he is doing pull-ups on the pull-up bar. It’s just fun with them around.  They love watching me and I love watching them. Here are some tips to make it fun-

*Always make sure they have full bellies!  If they are hungry they will be super grumpy and that makes for a LONG workout

*Make sure you have plenty of toys for them to play with

*TALK to them during your workouts.  I always count when doing reps which my 3 1/2 loves!  If you are talking to them then they feel like you are interacting with them.

* Get them involved.  So-my 3 1/2 year old loves to get on my back when I do push ups.  He just thinks its so fun and it cracks me up because I usually can’t even lift him! I can get 1 or 2 in but then Im down on the floor laughing with him!

Those are just a few quick tips to make it easier to workout with little ones around.  While they nap is when I like to work so saving that quiet time to make calls or return emails is important to me. It’s all about BALANCE.  Doing what works for you.  Don’t let kids be your reason for not getting a good sweat mesh on!!!! 🙂

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