Day 4 of 21 Day Fix EXTREME

AHHHH……I made it to Day 4!!

I love this program more and more everyday.  One reason could be because my gym shorts felt looser today 😉 but also because I’m never hungry.  Energy levels are on point all day.  I haven’t felt that afternoon crash or fatigue that I usually feel when I try to cut out certain foods.  I made the turkey chili for dinner last per recipe in the book and it was very good-my husband actually likes it too.  Of course, he adds srirachi to it but he puts srirachi on EVERYTHING.

Today’s workout is Cardio Fix….I’m sure this one will be tough considering cardio is my least favorite form of exercise.  The good thing is that she uses weights in every workout which I LOVE so maybe it will be fun.

Couple of things to know about this program and who it’s good for…

*Looking to lose weight quickly

*Likes having a meal plan-all day, everyday

*Can workout 21 days straight

*Has 30 mins to workout

*Likes incorporating light weights into their workouts

*Likes doing a variety of exercises

*Loves a food list

*Easy to follow along with

Next post will be Day I just have to stay on track through V Day! No wine, no chocolate for me!  17 more days to go!!

I will be running a test group March 2nd and I’m only taking 5 people along with me. I will be doing another round of the 21 Day Fix Extreme and if you would like to join me please email me at

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