21 Day Fix EXTREME Journal

Today is Day 2 of the 21 Day Fix Extreme workout.  Day 1 is complete but here are my thoughts…….

Yesterday, I portioned out all my food in the containers provided and did my 1st workout.  The workout was PLYO Fix Extreme.  Definitely challenging but I found that as soon as I felt like I couldn’t do another second of the exercise we were onto the next.  It was perfect…..30 second intervals with breaks in between each block.

My overall energy level was high all day.  The size of the containers are little deceiving because it turns out they hold a lot more food than I thought. I wasn’t hungry at all throughout the day.  I have never been a fan of food containers and measuring out food for weight loss because I always felt I was eating the right amount for me.  There are times though, when I know I overeat because I feel overly full afterwards and just want to crash on the couch.  I am 8 months post baby and getting the weight off after a second baby is tough.  Real tough.  I have noticed that it all comes down to eating and how much I’m eating.  I can exercise all day long but the weight isn’t going anywhere.  I took my before photos and I was completely disgusted.  Now, looking at me on a normal day some might say – “oh, you look great after having 2 kids” and I appreciate that but we all have a goal we want to meet.  We all have areas we want to work on. Maybe it’s a goal weight, maybe it’s the way we want to fit into our clothes, etc.  Dressed, you would never know that my mid section is out of control – I hide it well.  🙂 But I have a closet full of clothes that I cannot fit into and I’m tired of wearing stretching clothes all the time.  My goal is to fit into those clothes again and feel confident in a swimsuit this year.  I do live in the sunshine state after all so I can’t wear the big bulky cold weather clothes anymore to keep it hidden.

On to Day 2 of the Fix – I’m excited.  So far today, feeling great.  A little sore but ready for the next workout.

Keep an eye out for my next post after Day 3 to see if I still feel this good 🙂

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