Who has time to workout? YOU DO!

Any fans of Shaun T out there?  Anyone looking for a short workout that delivers amazing results?

If so, then this post is for you!  I was given the privilege to workout with the amazing trainer Shaun T this past weekend in Las Vegas.  He did not disappoint!  He has released a new program called Focus T25 that will take 25 minutes out of your day 5 days a week.  He wanted to make a program that ANYONE can do.  There are modified moves, there is more focus on muscle group then the normal balls to the wall (excuse my lingo) workouts with Insanity and Asylum and the workouts are much shorter.  I’m not a HUGE Insanity fan-honestly, I dread pushing play but I do it because I know it works.  Focus T25 was perfect for me because just when I can’t go any further it’s OVER!  It goes by so fast and yes you are a sweat mess at the end but you feel great.  Let’s face  it, if we are going to do a workout we want to get something out of it, right?  If I can get a killer workout done in 25 minutes then I feel like a I have SCORED big time!  I don’t have time to workout an hour everyday!  I can promise that even though these are shorter workouts the intensity is still there.  It’s up to you how hard you wanna push yourself.  All the moves are doable and like I said you can modify if needed.

Here is a clip of Focus T25.  Take a look and share your thoughts and questions.  I experienced this workout first hand so please ask me any questions.  My email is mgauthier28@gmail.com  and in the subject line type in FOCUS T25.  I would love to give you some DISCOUNTED options to get this program in your hands. I am running some great promotions but ONLY FOR LIMITED TIME.  Ok-take a look!

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