Day 8-14

This was the second week of the Ultimate Reset and it came and went.  This was the toughest week for me.  The detox powder was hard to swallow…literally!  I had to drink this stuff 3 times a day and had to chase it down with a lemon every single time.  I had a few cravings and was very tired.  It was the first time I missed coffee.  No headaches or body aches just really tired.  I am a pretty picky eater and two of the dishes I made didn’t taste as good as I had hoped so I substituted and moved around a couple of my meals.  All in all, I have stuck with the program and have had to switch lunch and snack around due to my schedule but I have made it work.

This program is more mental than anything and it has really helped having support from all the other people doing this.  There are groups that you join during this process for information and motivation and it has helped me so much on the days that I have felt like giving up.  I am on my last week and weighed in and measured this morning.  I am down 11 lbs and 4 inches!  I am so glad I have stuck with this!!!  I noticed the biggest difference in my stomach and thighs which has become my trouble area since having Mason.  This week the menu looks good so I’m excited to finish it out.




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