6 Months Post Body!

WOW! They aren’t kidding when they say baby weight is hard to lose.  I will be honest, I always thought those women were full of crap but now having experienced it-I GET IT!  It has taken hard work, clean eating, Shakeology, and a darn good workout program to get me back on track.  And did I also mention it took nearly 4 months! I am still a work in progress but feel better than ever and lighter might I add 🙂

I started working out as soon as I was given the ok from the doctor.  I had Mason November 22nd and started working out January 17th. I had to modify moves like crazy but by February I was on a roll.  By May I felt strong enough to actually start working on my abdominal region without too much pain.  At first quite a bit of weight fell off but then I hit a wall.  I decided to change workout programs and do more high intensity interval training which helped.  My body has taken on a new shape and I love it. I am still one size away from fitting into my pre pregnancy jeans.  I can pull them up but picture me laying down on the bed using a wired hangar to try and zip up my pants….catch my drift?

I have a few stretch marks and I love them.  I know that sounds really weird and while pregnant I absolutely loathed them but now its like my battle wounds, along with my c-section scar.  I am reminded everyday that I am a mother to a wonderful little man so those marks represent something truly amazing – that my husband and I created life and I wouldn’t change that for the world.

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