You Know You’re Pregnant When………

I was sitting at my favorite place today (Panera) reading news articles online, mostly about baby stuff and moms who were sharing their pregnancy stories and I came across a title that said “You Know You’re Pregnant When……..

I’m at Panera by myself mind you, and couldn’t stop laughing – out loud for that matter.  I probably look like a crazy person laughing at my computer but it was hysterical.  I even had to get up and pee from laughing so hard!  Thought I would share….


You Know You’re Pregnant When…

“When you drop something and think, do i really need that?”

“When the fridge, the couch, the pillow and you are BFFs…”

“When Rolaids never leave your side!”

“When you have to turn your belly to the side just to wash the dishes in the kitchen sink.”

“You have to take a break from making dinner to have a snack.”…..this one made me laugh out loud! I do it all the time!

“When you worry about peeing from a sneeze.”

“You wake up to go to work at 7am and are overjoyed by the fact you didnt get up and pee at all that night!”

“When you start carrying plastic forks in your purse”

“When you find your butt print in the couch because you have been sitting there, in the same spot, all day.”

“When you look in the mirror and see spots on your tshirt all over your belly.”



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