My body, my results

I took before and after photos to show my results from doing the Chalean Extreme program a while back.  I ate healthy and clean, drank plenty of water, took my multi vitamins and stuck with the program.  I was really proud of the results I got.  After little Mason is born I will go back on this program again.  The workouts are short and straight to the point-which I love.  I’m sure my time will be cut short when it comes to working out due to the fact that I will be taking care of a newborn:-) but I will do my best.

I love being pregnant but it is hard seeing the scale go up every week.  It almost feels discouraging when ppl tell you how hard it is to lose baby weight or that it’s impossible.  People also tell me to indulge and eat all the ice cream and sweets I want and that I should enjoy it now.  I want to gain a healthy amount of baby weight.  Eating fattening, sugary foods can’t be good for the baby all the time and nor is it good for me.  Not to mention I have to work all that off double time once baby is born.  Why would I want to add more to my plate?  Why not just eat healthy and every once in a while have a little frozen yogurt or cookies.  I don’t really feel the need to eat a GIANT bowl of ice cream every night-honestly it just makes me feel like crap after wards.  Moderation is key and healthy for your baby.  I’m not the type of person 4 or 5 years down the road who will be blaming my fat butt on baby weight.

I know people think its silly to do before and after photos but for this very reason, someone like me who feels a bit discouraged I have something to look at that is living proof of how hard work pays off.  Yes, hard work.  It’s not a picture of a fitness model in a magazine-I’ve tried that and it never worked-but its my body and how far I took my results.  This program worked for me and I will give it my all and get these results again.

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