Staying Motivated While Pregnant

I am 6 1/2 months along in my pregnancy but that has not stopped me from staying active.  I have gained about 18lbs thus far.  I’m trying to stay around the 25-35 healthy weight gain mark per my doctors request.   The last month was hard because of the preparation of the move and finishing out work.  Since last week though I am back on track and it feels great.  What a difference doing mild workouts and stretching can do for my sleeping habits.  I sleep so much better and have more energy throughout the day.  I want to stay in this routine so I can get back on track with my more intense programs post pregnancy.  Here are some of the exercises I’ve been doing



Walking at a pace of 3.7 with 5lb ankle weights and 3 lb wrist weights for 30 mins.  For my arms I rotate them doing circular motions on and off through out my walk.  Every 5 mins I drink water and step off the treadmill to do a few lunges and squats.  I have a steady heart rate and can carry on a conversation at the same time.



Now that I have an Elliptical available-its my favorite!!  I do the elliptical for 30 mins 5 times a week with no ankle weights or wrist weights.  Drink my water throughout.  The weights in the gym here start at 15lbs (way too heavy for me to lift right now) so I do push ups and triceps dips for my arms.  All of our equipment is packed up in storage so I have to improvise.  I do use resistance bands to do bicep curls, shoulder press, tricep extensions, etc.



Stretching is something I do everyday with or without the workouts.  I stretch before and after my routine for better circulation throughout my body and some times at night before I go to bed.  I haven’t had too many problems with lower back pain or cramping in my legs which is nice.  Not saying it won’t happen later but I will try to prevent it for as long as I can.  I’m not a fan of varicose veins or spider veins so I want to keep the blood circulating throughout my body to keep those things from popping up.  I have also tried to keep as much cellulite off my legs and thighs as possible but this seems to be inevitable when you are pregnant.  So I will deal with it for now and hopefully work that off with more intense programs post pregnancy.


I walk our dogs 3 times a day everyday.  I do 2-short walks and 1-30 minute walk with them.  It benefits all of us.  The dogs are tired and mommy gets  a little exercise in herself!  I do not use the ankle weights because I get enough exercise walking the 80lb and 60lb dogs-and god forbid they see a rabbit!

These are exercises that have worked for me during my pregnancy.  I will modify as I go (or get bigger) but all in all I feel great and I feel healthy.



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