10 weeks and we feel very blessed!

I am 10 weeks as of this past Monday and it feels good to get this far.  Our baby is the size of a prune and is right on schedule with growth. 1st OB appt was today and we went over tests, ultrasounds, insurance coverage……very long appt. (2 hours to be exact!)  The only thing I really wanted to know is if I can still go spray tanning!  And the answer was yes!  I know that sounds silly but when you start gaining baby weight you should at least have a tan.  A tan always makes you look better!–My thoughts anyway.  Our due date is set for November 15th-a Thanksgiving baby.

My nurse told me not to work out until I get past the 1st trimester which is another 3 weeks 😦  She doesn’t want me lifting or doing cardio unless it’s speed walking (boring!).  I was a little bummed to hear that.  She really couldn’t give me a reason except that it was just a precaution.  I have been stretching every night before bed to keep my blood flowing (which has also helped with my back pain)  and I try to get up from my desk at work and take short walks around the office.  When the weather gets a little nicer then I can take longer walks around our neighborhood.    Trevor has worked out everyday for the past week and I’m extremely jealous.  I’ve eaten somewhat healthy and have taken care of myself except for the occasional craving for french fries or hubby’s mac n cheese.

www.babycenter.com  has become my point of reference (thanks Kara and Lindsey!).  I can see how our baby is growing and what’s developing every week and there is a plethora of information on there for 1st time moms.  I highly recommend it.  I didn’t have many questions today at my appt just because I have used this website for the past few weeks.  The picture below is from the website showing a pregnancy at 10 weeks.  It’s amazing how quickly things start to develop!

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