Baby Gauthier

I am 6 weeks along now and went for my 1st ultrasound today and it looks like we are having ONE baby.  We thought for sure it was twins but there was only one sac on that ultrasound screen.  As neat as twins would have been, I have to admit I would have had a little anxiety with bringing two babies into the world at once.  One baby is a big responsibility but two is just another story.  Now the sac is probably the size of a marble and you can’t even see the actual size of the baby but it’s in there.  It was a magical moment seeing it on the screen.  We are going in again next week to hear the heart beat.  Our doctor told us that the measurements they took came in a little smaller than it should be but everything else looked good.  It measured at 5 weeks and 4 days and we are at the 6 week mark.  I don’t know much about the measurements or how important that is but I figured 3 days can’t be too bad.  My husband told me I need to start eating more (like that helps).

I also wanted to share my pregnancy symptoms I have had the last few weeks.  My weight before pregnancy was 118 and now I’m weighting in at 125.  Not too bad considering I haven’t worked out at all and probably won’t until I am positively sure everything is safe and good.  Yes, I have a little bit of paranoia but why not milk this time while I can!?  I can start working out in the next couple of weeks after I hear that heart beat.  My clothes are getting a little tighter and I’ve had to go out and buy a few dresses and tights.  Good thing summer is almost here, it makes shopping easier!  Another symptom, sleepy.  I could go to sleep every night at 6:00, its crazy.  I haven’t experienced any morning sickness but I try to keep food in my stomach at all times (that’s why my clothes are getting tighter).  I always have something to munch on.  Whenever my stomach is empty is when I start feeling a little nauseous.  The other symptom is CRAVINGS!! I crave guacamole!!!  I could eat it everyday!  Some of the other things I usually love when I’m not pregnant are not so appetizing now.  Steak being one of them.  The thought of a steak grosses me out.

Otherwise, everything has been easy so far.  We started taking pictures weekly.  It’s fascinating to see how poochy my stomach is getting!  I also bought a baby journal to write everything down and put my pictures in.   That’s all I have for Baby Gauthier as of now.  Next week we get to hear the heart beat and maybe see something bigger than a dot.  Until then I will be resting and milking my husbands foot massages!!!

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