My favorite AB workouts

Mountain Climbers – Get down to all fours in a standard plank position. Bring your knees to your chest – alternating the right and left leg 20 times. (my #1 favorite!)

Leg Drop – Laying on your back, raise your legs straight up to a 90-degree angle. Slowly lower each leg, alternating between the left and the right. Repeat 15 times with each leg.

Side Plank Knee Pull – Get into a side plank position. Holding yourself up with your obliques, stack your hands and bring your lower knee up and across. Tap your foot and repeat. Do this exercise 20 times on each side.

Plank Ball Roll – Put your exercise ball on the floor and roll yourself into a plank position with your shoelaces resting on the top of the ball. Pull your knees into your chest and roll the ball towards your head. Repeat 15 times. 

Opposite arm and leg raise-Begin on all fours, aligning your knees under your hips and your wrists under your shoulders. Raise your left arm to shoulder height and your left leg to hip height. Hold for 2 counts, reaching forward with your fingers and back with your heels.

The Hundred- Hold for 2 counts, reaching forward with your fingers and back with your heels, lie down with your knees bent and your palms facing down.  Exhale and raise your head and shoulders off the mat. Vigorously pump your arms 6 inches up and down, reaching with your fingertips (this burns). Inhale for 5 pumps, then exhale for 5 pumps. Be sure to curl your chin in toward your chest. Do 100 pumps, or 10 full breaths.

The Prone Plank-Get into a full pushup position with your palms on the floor beneath your shoulders. Hold here for 30 seconds, with your abs contracted and your arms and legs extended and your head aligned with your spine.

Make sure you are doing these correctly and don’t try to do more than you can handle.  Start off with sets of 5 or ten then work your way up.  You don’t want to strain your neck or back which is very easy to do when you start getting tired and begin forcing your body to do the exercises.  Take a breather and start again.

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