How does exercise make you feel?

I was sitting on the airplane with my husband and we were on our way to New York a few weeks ago and while he was snoring I was jotting down notes.  I was reading Self magazine and saw an article on how Cheryl Crow, PinkDemi Moore and a few other actors/actresses were doing P90X.  They were talking about how the workout made them feel.  I was excited to see that famous people were working out to the same program that my husband and I worked out to for a while and my husband still does to this day.

So I started thinking about how exercise in general makes me feel.  I woke up my husband at this time and asked him how it made him feel.  He’s used to me spouting out random thoughts and questions I have so he just goes with it.

These are a few of the words that came to mind…….

Strong, positive, passionate, happy, empowered, focused, ripped (of course that came from my husband), energized, sense of accomplishment, liberating, healthy, productive, inspired, perky, clear-headed, alert……


These were just a few things that I wrote down that we came up with.  These are feelings we get from working out.  It’s not only the physical aspect, there is a huge mental effect that creates that urge to want to work out.  When you start exercising maybe you should look at the positive effects that is has on your body and mind and not the negative.  If you are only looking at the negative then it will not be something you will stick with and you will resent it and dread working out.  If you can change the way you look at exercise you will truly learn to enjoy it and notice all the positive effects it has on your body and mind and the wonderful ways it makes you feel.  I mean how can I not be happy when I exercise?  My body starts to change into something I want to look at, I feel happy, I feel healthy.  There is nothing negative that comes out of working out.


So, how does exercise really make you feel?

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