Egg Retrieval and Transfer

The picture to the right are the blastocyst‘s that were put into me last Saturday.  We ended up with 5 total and had 3 put in and 2 frozen.  We were told by Dr. Kiltz that we had a 50% chance of me having one or two and a 10% chance of triplets.    Trevor got to see them extract the eggs while I was sleeping and dreaming about babies.  The egg retrieval process took about 4 minutes and the transfer took 2 minutes.  Such a quick procedure for so much money but if it works then it’s totally worth it.  After Dr. Kiltz implanted the embryo’s he placed both of our hands on my stomach and prayed for us.  It was a special moment.

I also did acupuncture before and after the transfer which was phenomenal.  Acupuncture for fertility helps with blood flow to the uterus, lowers stress, and balances hormone levels.  I was nervous going into it because I couldn’t understand how a bunch of needles going into my body would help me relax? But it did and I fell into a sleep coma  🙂 so I would say that I was pretty relaxed. 

After the transfer I stayed in bed because although they had transferred the blastocysts successfully, it takes up to 48 hours for them to implant so its very important to take it easy and give your body rest during this period.  So I stayed in bed for a day and a half.  Trevor would barely let me out of bed to go to the bathroom!  He was so paranoid that he even carried my purse in the airport, granted it was a little heavy because I had so much crap in there from all the traveling, but still it was funny!

All in all, it was such a great experience and now we are in the waiting period to see if it holds.  I have this picture in my purse and as silly as it sounds, I look at it throughout the day just amazed that these could potentially be our babies.  Trevor and I both know it is only a 50% chance but we are very positive and optimistic.

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