Tips for eating on the cheap!!!!

  1. Buy in bulk. As with most things, food is cheaper when you buy more of it. The problem is that while apples, onions, or baby carrots will last for some time when bought in small amounts, that pallet of strawberries or that 12-pack of chicken breasts doesn’t have much of a shelf life. Fortunately, recent innovations in kitchen technology have produced an appliance called a “freezer”—and it works great. Give it a try! Make sure not to get tricked into eating in bulk when you buy in bulk. A good system to follow is to take out your single serving and freeze or store the rest right away before you get tempted.
  2. Brown bag it. Try making your own lunch. Most of us grab a premade, quick bite at least five times a week, but even the cheapest Subway sandwich costs twice what it would cost to make yourself. And if you take it another step, you can pack last night’s leftovers and take them with you—it’s practically like getting a free lunch! The best part of all is that you get to pick exactly what goes in your meal. You can know that you’re eating healthily.
  3. No Junk FoodJunk the junk food. If that pound of salmon costs three dollars more than you’d like to spend, take the potato chips out of your cart. There. You just saved enough to eat a healthy protein source. Most of the junk food people buy isn’t really food to begin with. It’s only filled with empty, nutritionally void calories. It’s like the Weekly World News of the food world—fine every now and then, but the only people who benefit from you eating chips or Ding Dongs every day are the fat cats on Wall Street who own stock in Frito-Lay. If your cart seems a little empty without the junk, that’s okay. If you have a weight problem, you were probably eating too much anyway.
  4. Go around the world around the block. Those little mom-and-pop ethnic markets are great ways to save some major dollars over what you’d spend at the supermarket. A bunch of cilantro can cost $0.99 at the supermarket but only $0.19 at the Hispanic grocery store. Chanterelle mushrooms are $50 a pound at the supermarket and $15 a pound at the local Russian market. By browsing your local ethnic specialty stores, you’ll get some great cooking ideas and save a few bucks or rubles or pesos.
  5. MeatBuy lean meat. Let’s finish things off with a quick tip on meat. It may be tempting to buy fattier meat because it’s cheaper but, in truth, this price savings is all smoke and mirrors. When you cook fatty meat, the fat tends to melt off, leaving you with less food. Economically, lean meat is the same as fatty meat—but it’s healthier.
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