Day 9-IVF

I am into the second week of the Gonal F injections and I am a sleepy girl.  If I allowed myself to, I think I could sleep 14 hours a night, literally.  I actually did last Friday night in fact and it was nice 🙂 As far as exercise, I am only doing fertility yoga no weights or cardio.  I’m eating healthy and taking vitamins so I can keep from getting sick.  The weather sounds crazy in NY so I want to make sure my immune system is ready for the climate change.  I have heard it’s gonna be in the 40’s through the week so maybe we will get lucky and miss out on all the snow they get!   I can pick back up on exercise after everything is over.  The ovaries are doing a lot of work so I feel that I need to give my body a break.  I’ve got 8 follicles from the meds so far and blood work looks good so we are moving forward.  I have a few larger follicles and a few others that are small.  Hopefully those small ones will have time to catch up before the actual retrieval day.  The more the better!  Maybe we can get some twins and be done! 🙂  

We are scheduled to fly out to New York on Friday the 18th to get ready for the egg retrieval and transfer.  It’s a very exciting time for us.  We are trying to get everything in order before we leave so there’s nothing to worry about.  All in all thus far, its been an easy process.  My nurse Justine has been so great and helpful!  Doing this type of procedure out of state can be stressful for some but for us it’s been anything but that.  As far as getting meds, directions for dosages and someone being there to answer your questions when its 10pm at night is amazing!  It makes things very easy so all you have to do is let your ovaries cook 🙂

That is my short update on our fertility journey.  I will update you next week on the egg retrieval and transfer!

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