Day 13

Day 13 on Lupron and everything is going really good.  Besides the food poisoning thing Friday & Saturday (no fun), I can’t complain.  Still doing light exercise, nothing too strenuous.  I’ve honestly just been taking it easy for the most part.  The biggest thing I have noticed are HOT FLASHES!!  I’m not looking forward to menopause!   We have crazy cold weather outside and with these hot flashes from the Lupron I have the ceiling fan on, some times the window is cracked and a stand alone fan blowing on me at night… husband thinks I’m crazy.  Every morning I get up he is bundled up under the blankets.  😉  But it does help cool things off.


I went in today for an ultrasound to check the size of my ovaries, look for cysts and do some blood work.  I have to say the office where I am doing my monitoring is anything but friendly.  The lady at the front counter never even looked up at me when I walked in.  She just stared at her computer.  It really does make a difference to walk into a place where someone actually smiles at you or says good morning.  I mean it was 7am.  Hormonal or not I think its common courtesy and let’s face it, every woman walking into that office is probably in some way, shape or form HORMONAL!  So, please smile at us, thank you 🙂   I just needed to get that out-of-the-way.

And thank you Justine, you rock!! 🙂

Anyway, so everything looks good, no cysts so we are moving forward.  Starting the Gonal F injections tonight along with steroid, antibiotic and still taking the wonderful Lupron.  I will be attempting the Gonal F  injections tonight on my own (hubby is working).  They are a little different from my other injections so it should be interesting.  I have a good friend waiting by her phone tonight to help out for when I have a blonde moment 🙂 We are flying out to New York on the 16th for egg retrieval and transfer and will be flying back on the 24th.  We have family coming to visit and I get to see a very good friend who has helped me so much through all of this!  🙂 Everything is happening really fast now!  I have waited for this week for a long time and now that’s it’s here we are just really anxious and excited but also cautiously optimistic.  Regardless, everything happens for a reason and I have to remind myself of that.

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4 Responses to Day 13

  1. Isnt it amazing how much a difference it makes when you feel like people have a vested interest in you? Smile dang it!! Im glad things are going well for you- Im sooo excited for you! Everything happens for a reason and I know big time blessings are coming your way! Saying my prayers for you guys! xoxo!

    • I know!! I mean we are spending a “pretty penny” and all I’m asking for is a smile. Doesn’t seem like too much…..ahahha!! So excited!! Thank you so much for your encouragement!! 🙂

  2. Michelle says:

    The Gonal is easy-breezy! Love ya!

    • You were right….easy!!! It was kind of funny because I came home and pulled out the box and sat down to get on the computer to pull up the video to watch how to administer the shot. My computer would NOT turn on!! A little panic- Finally it turns on and then I couldn’t get the volume to work…! Just my luck, right?! I ended up watching the screen, literally I was like a couple of inches away from the screen so I wouldn’t “miss” anything…!! And now my belly is all blue and purple (bruised) – its just so pretty…lol! xoxo!

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