Super Bowl snacks

Winner: Protein and fiber packed unsalted nuts.

Loser: Pretzels and chips filled with sodium and refined carbs.

Winner: Bison burgers. A lean, flavorful meat like bison is a world apart from beef.

Loser: Beef burgers and pork hot dogs. Lots of fat, lots of calories, lots of bad. These foods could be called for interference with fitness.

Winner: Guacamole and salsa. Healthy fats from the avocado and low-cal, high-flavor salsa make this an all-star combo.

Loser: Loaded with fat and salt, 7-layer-dip means you’ll be reeling by halftime.

Winner: Salmon cakes and chicken skewers are healthy finger foods that will leave you feeling good and ready to score.

Loser: Pigs in a blanket. They may be tiny but they are big on calories. Eat just 10 of these little guys and you’re over 650 calories and 50 grams of fat.

Winner: Boar’s Head sammies. Opt for lower sodium meats and cheeses to save your heart. Boar’s Head has many good options.

Loser: Hoagies. Typical Italian subs pack on salt, fat and carbs faster than you can say roughing the eater.

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