Multi vitamins

Are you taking a multi vitamin?  If not, then you probably should. I remember being a child and taking chewable Flintstone vitamins everyday.  Since then I have always taken a multi vitamin.   I also think multi vitamins are especially important when you are working out.  Of course, you can get all those nutrients in the foods you eat (as long as they are good for you) but it ‘s less expensive taking a multi vitamin. It ensures that you will bridge any nutritional gaps. 

What are the benefits of a multi vitamin?  It enhances your physical and mental wellness, increases bone strength, stimulates your immune system, regulates calcium and blood sugar levels, and these are just to name a few. 

Example, my husband took a break from working out and stopped taking vitamins.  He thinks if he takes a break from working out then he shouldn’t have to take any vitamins.  He also doesn’t eat very well when he takes a break from exercising.  His immune system is not doing so well now and he is pretty sick.  I asked him why doesn’t he continue to take his vitamins even if he isn’t working out and he didn’t have an answer.  Now he’s going to take them everyday whether he is working out or not.  His body has lost the nutrients is needs to fight off illness’.  

I also always up my Vitamin C  intake during cold and flu season.  I usually take about 2000mg a day  just to be on the safe side.  I’m not saying it always prevents me from getting sick but it sure does help lessen it.  Make sure when you are taking your multi vitamins that you have a full stomach.  For some people it can upset their stomach a bit.

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