Day 5

So I have been on my Lupron injections now for 5 days.  All in all, it’s going pretty well.  Wednesday and Thursday were a piece of cake.  Friday I fought with my hormones and Saturday I felt sick here and there and have this mild headache that will not go away.  Today, well I slept a lot 🙂 I had to give myself injections the last couple of nights (Trevor’s been at work) and it takes about 30 minutes for me to get up the courage to put it in my stomach.  I have to mentally prepare myself and the anticipation of the needle touching my skin drives me bonkers… 🙂 Once I finally finish, I have to laugh at myself for being a chicken.  It may sound easy and I’m sure after another week it will be a thing of the past but as of now it gives me butterflies every time 6:30 rolls around.

I didn’t workout today but tomorrow I’m going to do the  Burn Intervals on the CE program but I will have to change a bit.   For instance, I’m not going to do some of the plyo moves but maybe run in place or do jumping jacks so I can at least keep my heart rate up.  I want to continue working out lightly throughout this whole process because it does make me feel somewhat better.  I figure as long as I’m doing everything in moderation then I’m not risking messing anything up.  I’m not sure if many women workout during this period and I’m sure some who are reading this think I may be crazy.  I think it’s crazy to stop doing the things I enjoy and make me feel good.  I know that the week of the retrieval and transfer I will not be working out so I will have plenty of time to relax and rest.  But until then, game on 🙂

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