What’s the Beachbody community all about?

I’m sure you see tons of posts and hear people talking about the numerous programs we offer. What is it all about?
Beachbody’s goal is to end obesity in the world. Not just the United States but THE WORLD. It’s a team of people who have come together to help others get healthy and fit. It’s a team that have come together to help people change their lifestyles. Yes, I said TEAM. I have met so many wonderful people since signing on as a Coach and starting my own business. I am friends with Coaches all over the world. This type of business is for people who are looking for help and direction in getting themselves back in shape or for people who have NEVER even worked out and need help getting started. I have worked out off and on throughout my whole life. I enjoy being healthy because I LOVE how it makes me feel. I also want to be a positive role model for my children one day.
This business is growing rapidly. Everyday tons of Coaches are signing on and taking advantage of all the tools and help that is provided by Beachbody. There are weekly calls and webinars to help you along the way. Yes, this is weekly. There are back office links with tons of information, self improvement referrals, etc. to help you learn the business and advertise your business. There are yearly Summit trips, vacations prizes, Game plan events held every few months in different locations to bring all the Coaches together to share ideas to improve their business.
I know a ton of stay at home moms who are Coaches, also people like myself who already have a full time job that want to make Coaching their full time job one day. I know people who have never worked out their whole life, never picked up a weight, never eaten healthy and they have blown me away with what they have accomplished by joining this community. There are a ton of testimonials of people who have lost 100 of lbs….I mean its truly AMAZING.
I signed on last June and I love it! I will always be apart of the Beachbody community.

Here is a copy of the team weekly bonus system.

These are just the potential bonuses you can make.

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2 Responses to What’s the Beachbody community all about?

  1. Holley says:

    I just placed my order for the ChaLean Extreme video’s!!! I can’t wait!!

    • Yea!!! I’m so excited for you!!! You got your weights??!! Make sure and drink a LOT of water and also eat healthy! I know its hard when you have kids but commit to it! I am here cheering you on. Also take before pictures. Nobody likes their “before” pics but you need them for you so you can really SEE what kind results you are getting. Take 30, 60, 90 day pics. I promise you that you will see a difference if you commit. I’m proud of you!!

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