ChaLEAN Extreme

This has been my workout of choice for quite some time now. It has given me amazing results. My husband is a P90X guy but I’m obsessed with the Chalean Extreme workout. I have modified it a bit though since starting the IVF process. As opposed to using 12-15lb weights, I’m using 5-8lb weights. Even though I skip the actual ab workout segment with every other workout you are tightening your core so there really is no need for me to do the ab workout. Trust me I do love the ab workouts-but my doctor has advised me not to.
I also love that the workouts are shorter. I get home pretty late so I like to change clothes and get right down to business so I can then sit down have dinner and relax for the rest of the evening. The workouts are 35 minutes long so that’s perfect for my schedule.
Another thing I love about the workout is that no matter how many times I do it or even with lowering my weight I still feel challenged. There are so many different workouts on the program that I never get bored with it.
I found a workout that I love and granted its one out of many others I have. It is still my favorite and I always go back to it. Find something you love or maybe something you think you could grow to love. I’ve always loved strength training because I love the way my body takes shape and tones up. I also know that you do not bulk up and even hours after your strength training workouts you are STILL BURNING FAT.

This is what you get-
You get 15 workouts on 6 DVDs. The three phases of ChaLEAN Extreme work to Burn fat and jump-start your metabolism, Push you beyond your comfort zone to build muscle, and Get your body lean to deliver major changes.
Chalene also includes her Muscle Burns Fat Guidebook, Thigh Toner and Pro-Grade Resistance Band, Body Fat Tester, Fat Burning Food Guide, Extreme Motivation Audio CD, Healthy Eats and Kitchen Makeover DVDs, and bonus Cardio and Core workouts.

That’s my tib-bit on my favorite program. If it is something you are interested in taking a look at message me and I can tell you how you can get it for $30.00 off from now until Jan 31st.

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3 Responses to ChaLEAN Extreme

  1. Holley says:

    Hey woman…let me know how to get it for 30.00 off!!! I would LOVE to do this series!

  2. Holley says:

    ok, so I clicked on the link above and figured out how to join w? you as my coach. Now is the sale price the 89.85 or is the price 30.00 off that? If its off that how do I go about doing this?

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