Mixing it up!

I am loving my new workout schedule!! I took the calendar in my planner and scheduled my workouts for the month. I am mixing ChaLean Extreme, PIYO, Yoga, and running together. I’m doing something different everyday. I also wanted to give myself a few “light workouts” because I”m not sure how I will be feeling once I start my injections. I’m gonna make a copy today and post on my refrigerator so every time I go to grab something to eat I will make healthy choices. It’s all about having a plan. A plan to succeed. Once you make the commitment to get healthy and fit, you have to put together a plan. YOU WILL FAIL WITHOUT A PLAN! So sit down and put together a list of workouts you enjoy, whether it be at the gym or home workout programs but put together a list of workouts that you enjoy or push you towards your goal. Write it down even if you are only scheduling it a week out. Modify every week depending on your work schedule, kids, etc. Make a game plan and you will succeed.

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