Shakeology Cleanse


It’s a 3 day calorie restrict nutrient-dense eating plan that acts like a cleanse to flush out toxins and help get your body running more efficiently.

You can use it as a JUMP START to a new program or during a recovery week. You can also use it as a PLATEAU BREAKER! Remember, this is a PERFORMANCE cleanse, so it’s different from many other cleanses, like the Master Cleanse, were you aren’t getting hardly any calories, no nutrients and those last anywhere from 7 to 30 days. And you should be able to maintain light exercise during the Shakeology Cleanse.

-Rid toxins
-Nutrient efficiency
-Reduce bloat/weight loss
-It will bring you hydration levels into homeostasis (which if you remember from health class is your HAPPY place!)
-Renewed energy

A lighter, cleaner and healthier YOU! 🙂

********HOW DO YOU DO IT?

Here is the 3 day cleanse schedule:

All 3 days-

START: 1 cup of green tea (no milk or anything extra in your tea!)

BREAKFAST: Shakeology with water, ice and OPTIONAL 1/2 cup fruit

SNACK: 1 piece fruit

LUNCH: Shakeology with water & ice ONLY. Followed by 1 cup green tea.

SNACK: Shakeology with water & ice ONLY. (You can have this snack AFTER dinner if you want, it’s up to you)

DINNER: Salad with greens, 3 servings of vegetables and 4 oz grilled white meat.

******************Drink plenty of water*******************

Potential negatives to be aware of:
-Headaches: If you are normally a caffeine drinker you might be experiencing some withdrawals.
-No weight loss: Measure your inches too!
-Lack of energy
-Light headed: modify the exercises you are doing, keep them light! if you have to add a small snack (5-10 almonds, 1/2 banana)

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment! Happy cleansing 🙂

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