Yoga? Sure, why not?!

So I have sorta dipped into the Yoga world and I have to admit, I actually like it.  With all the fertility stuff going on my doctor recommended a few DVD’s for me to try.  Now I’m not super flexible and find the “balance” poses extremely difficult but I refuse to give up!  If this is good for the mind and stress well I’m gonna give it my all.  Right now I’m doing Brenda Strong for Fertility.  Its very relaxing and I love it.  I really have to put my mind into it because you can ask my husband, I am the type of person who thinks about everything at all times of the day.  It is very hard for me to drop the weight off my shoulders and just RELAX!  Lately I have been stretching before I even putting in the DVD.  That way I’m somewhat relaxed before I even get started.  It’s working for me and let me tell ya, by the end of the program I feel incredible.  Its strange how wonderfully relaxed you feel after wards but yet you have this incredible energy.  I used to think that after yoga people probably just went to bed.  I never understood all the talk about “positive energy”–I get it now.

I absolutely love it and am currently looking for other inspiring DVD’s.  I’m not fond of the classes, I just simply enjoy the comfort of my home.  Maybe this will help in my fertility journey or maybe not.  Regardless, I’m enjoying every minute of it!!

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