So this is my crazy addiction now!!  Different recipes for Shakeology!!  I am seriously a bit obsessed with this shake.  I have tried replacement bars and other replacement shakes from GNC and this by far scores the highest with me…..and my husband!  I almost feel like we need to buy two packages a month because we both drink it everyday and when it gets down to the last few samples, I catch myself hiding some in my purse!  Yes, I really do that.

I recently bought a ton of frozen fruit (last longer and cheaper) and honestly, it doesn’t matter what kind of fruit I use, it tastes amazing with whatever you put in it.  I love the way my hair shines, my nails grow, my body gets regular (if you know what I mean) and I have so much energy.  i am looking for a really good chocolate coconut flavor.  Anyone know of one??!!!

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